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First Tin Can Enabled Conference in the World

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Categories: Adopters, Events, Guest Bloggers, Mobile Learning, Tin Can, Use Cases

Posted 27 June 2013


tin can api infographicNote: this is a guest blog from Jeroen Krouwels, the Business Development Director of PAT Learning Solutions.

On June 20, The Netherlands had a world premiere: the very first Tin Can enabled conference worldwide: The Learning Summit, organized by PAT Learning Solutions, creator of PulseWeb, the leading Dutch Learning Process System.

Watch this quick video for a quick overview of how it worked:

How the Tin Can enabled conference was organized

Upon entering, all participants received a badge with their personal QR code. They had to scan it to make themselves known to the system. Each time a participant learned something from someone during the day, she could scan the QR code of the other person and make a statement about what they learned. Not only the participants had their own QR code. Every presentation, workshop, learning debate or instruction during the day was labeled with a unique QR code. Also example objects such as medical devices had their own QR codes. These QR codes referred to e-learning manuals with operating instructions, provided by PulseWeb. Even the welcome cake had its own QR code, which made it possible to make a learning statement about the catering provider. To entice people to scan as many codes as possible, they could win badges, much like Foursquare does.

Personal Learning Record Stores

By the end of the day, all participants had filled their personal Learning Record Store. A PDF excerpt was sent to them automatically by mail, to summarize their learning experiences, the contact information of the people they learned from and their results.

Video Session with Mike Rustici

tin can conference mike rustici
Mike Rustici, president of Rustici Software, the company that invented the Tin Can API, attended the conference in a video session. In front of an audience of 220 people he stated: “I’m very pleased to announce that you are attending the first Tin Can enabled conference in history, anywhere to our knowledge! PAT Learning Solutions has been leading the way. Their innovative platform PulseWeb is one of the first in Europe that supports Tin Can. We’re excited to see Tin Can grow!”

Release PulseWeb Touch: mobile Learning Process System

During this conference PAT Learning Solutions presented their new mobile version of PulseWeb: “PulseWeb Touch”. It features professional tools for workplace learning, supported by Tin Can. One of the newly introduced tools is the Workplace Assessor. With it you can conduct formal assessments and reviews on mobile devices. Perfect for the workplace. This tool integrates with PulseWeb QualityDashboard, which reports on the status of the development of personal knowledge, skills and professional behavior in the working environment.

PulseWeb Touch will be released by the end of this year. In The Netherlands already more than 150,000 professionals in Healthcare, Business and Education use PulseWeb for workplace learning and development.


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