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Before the Tin Can API, there was SCORM.

And in reality, SCORM is still being used widely. As the world shifts from SCORM to Tin Can, you might be wondering if all of your SCORM content and courses will still be usable in a Tin Can environment. The definitive answer is yes, you can still use SCORM (and AICC) content in a Tin Can environment, with an LRS. There are several ways to convert SCORM to Tin Can.

Converting SCORM to Tin Can…How do I do it?

SCORM to Tin Can API SCORM EngineThe simplest way to use SCORM content in a Tin Can environment is by using SCORM Engine or SCORM Cloud. Engine and Cloud users can import SCORM and AICC packages, and then those packages generate Tin Can statements that are stored in an LRS. They can then be sent on to the LRS of your choosing.

This is really helpful for LMSs that want to use all of their content in a Tin Can environment, but it’s also useful for content creators that want to host their own SCORM content and send Tin Can statements to various LRSs. (As a content creator, you’d like to maintain control over your content, right?)

Get in touch with us to learn more about SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud.

SCORM Driver SCORM to tin can api

What if I’m not using SCORM Engine?

If you have SCORM or AICC packages that are already using SCORM Driver, you can use Driver to configure (convert) your SCORM and AICC packages to send Tin Can API statements to whichever LRS(s) you’d like. It’s free to do this for non-commercial use, otherwise check out the SCORM Driver page for more details.

What about SCORM authoring tools?

SCORM Driver can also be used to outfit authoring tools to create Tin Can content/packages. Several are already doing this (Articulate is just one). Learn more about how to make this happen and about pricing on the SCORM Driver homepage.

What if I want to do it myself, without your products?

If you want to convert existing SCORM content or tools yourself, take a look at the SCORM Evolved page.

Not sure?

We can talk you through the options and find the solution that’s right for you.

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