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Tin Can Solutions



  • Learning management systems, human resources systems, and other similar systems benefit greatly from collecting learners’ experiences and sharing them with other systems.
  • Adding an LRS to your system lets you collect experiences and share them across systems using a common language.
  • Understand your learners much better by collecting all learning data in one place.

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  • Business, schools and volunteer organizations all have reasons to collect learning experiences.
  • Collect and track all learning experiences by adding a stand-alone LRS to your organization.
  • Get a much better understanding of your people by using an LRS to record learning activities.

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Activity Providers


  • Gain much more insight into how the world is using your content.
  • Create Tin Can conformant experiences for learners.
  • Accept, analyze, and test experiences from your activities in your own LRS.
  • Convert old content to Tin Can experiences.

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